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The process of my painting

Experience color and depth in layered painting



I create my paintings by applying multiple transparent layers of color, with my own blends of oils and refined mediums adjusted for each layer separately, a technique used for centuries by the old masters.

It is a process that requires both skill and time, but the result gives a unique depth and vibrancy in color as well as durability in time keeping the texture of the painting smooth as silk.

Each painting is painted as a whole in every stage from start to finish. This way, the painting is gradually built up rather than copied or “printed by hand” and allows space and light to keep adjusting as the painting progresses.

Usually more than ten layers are applied offering a gentler reflection of light to the viewer as projected light can travel through the layers before it reflects resulting in a deeper emotional response by the viewer.

Painting properly with a technique of layers takes a lot of time -the whole painting is painted several times over with each layer- large paintings will take months of continuous everyday work.

I use superior quality oil colors on extra fine linen treated according to traditional methods and intended solely for oil paints.



* A camera cannot capture the depth and feeling of a layered painting to its full extent.

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